Why we must go wild

In the beginning, we knew it.  But when we reached the point of having to get a job, we forgot we had choices. Today we are back to that certainty: we must get real and go wild.

We are drawn to those who make a difference not by fighting, but by focusing on deep change solutions. Through their stories, we’ve been inspired to come fully alive again.


These are the stories of changemakers like:

  • Servane Mouazan, who mentors and supports women changemakers from all over the world through Ogunte and other women organisations like Women on the Move.
  • Eric Wolf Bravo, who, when applying permaculture in Peru’s Urubamba Valley, discovered a universal blueprint for sustainability and who we interviewed for Awakening the Dreamer.
  • Healthy ageing specialists, integrative medicine practitioners.
  • Our friends at Angata, who do groundbreaking social fieldwork in Africa and promoting local art and crafts in the West.
  • Tristam Stuart, a global waste changemaker and creator of an event we coveredFeeding the 5000.
  • Integrative medicine practitioners,
  • Dr. John Butler, who has spent 30 years empowering minds through the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Britain.
  • And of course the stories of our partners Space Triangle, Worldshift International and Positive TV.


“Respond to the great call of life and go wild”, they tell us in their own ways, mildly. Remove yourselves from the “you vs. the system” scenario – wasting energy focusing on what’s wrong, constantly doing battle. Instead, they encourage us to devote ourselves to the simplicity of what is real. Going wild means putting your energy into living a good life. Being. Sharing. Creating collective value. Above all, working with this vision means working together.


We are here to provide changemakers with the means to tell their stories their own way. We have at our disposal a powerful network of artists, experts and business owners who care and are ready to join in relevant projects. The same way you can grow your own veggies, you can grow your own film.


Telling your story means exposing yourself to the world. Sometimes one ends up going mainstream. We say naked and mainstream is the way to go because, ultimately, everyone recognises the value of authenticity. Our formula is the naked truth, with all its inspiring beauty:

  • Sincere filmmaking to demonstrate results with a clever and artistic approach.
  • Genuine marketing to reach and motivate audiences to participate.

It’s simple: sincerity raises awareness and engages others in collective value. That’s it.

Let’s go wild and enjoy every bit of it together!